Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

The heat of summer has already reached Tampa, which means it is time to brush up on your summer safety habits. Florida’s hottest months can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to people and pets alike. As the temperature soars, these tips will help you keep your furry friends safe and happy until autumn arrives and brings some relief.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Imagine how parched you feel after walking a long distance in the heat or exercising, and remember that your dog feels the exact same way after spending time in the sun and humidity. It’s simple enough to prevent dehydration by making clean, fresh water available to your dog at all times. Just remain alert for any signs of dehydration like lethargy, sunken eyes, and tacky gums. Mild cases of dehydration can be resolved by giving your dog small amounts of water over the span of a few hours, but severe cases will require the attention of a vet. Read more

The True Importance of Neutering Your Male Dog

Times have changed dramatically from the days when dogs were permitted to freely roam neighborhoods without any form of protection. Today, families keep their dogs secured around the house, socialize them strategically, and make medical care a top priority. This medical care includes the process of neutering dogs shortly after they are born. From population control to behavior improvements and everything in between, neutering your own dog offers many important benefits. Read more

Two Dog Behavior Issues and Solutions

17235698 - female beagle puppy on a white leather sofa, barking

Unlike the dogs in most children’s movies, our dogs cannot talk to us to explain what they want and how they think. It’s up to us humans to correctly interpret their behavior in order to keep our furry friends safe, healthy, and happy. So whether you’re trying to connect with a new dog or attempt obedience training with your puppy, you may need some help with these three specific issues.

Constant Barking Read more

The Critical Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

microchipTaking care of a pet isn’t so different from caring for a child. Your dog or cat relies upon you entirely for food, water, shelter, protection, and love, just like your child. If you take your toddler to the grocery store and lose track of his whereabouts, you’ll undoubtedly become frightened and panicked until he is found. When your dog or cat takes off through the open door and runs out of your sight, you can’t exactly rely on the grocery store staff and announcement system for help. If your pet is microchipped, you know you have a handy way to locate him and bring him back home safely.

What is Microchipping?

A microchip is tiny, about the size of a grain of rice, and is implanted in your pet’s skin to help track his location if he gets lost. It’s essentially a computer chip with a unique identification number that doesn’t risk falling off like a collar. All that’s needed is a scanner to pick up the radio signals that transmit the encoded chip ID number. Once the ID number is picked up, it can be used to track down the animal’s owner. Read more

How to Protect Your Dogs from the Harsh Summer Heat

dog-anxietyThe summer heat, especially in southern states like Florida, is no joke. You know how much you hate feeling overheated and dehydrated, which is why you need to devote extra effort to ensuring that your dog remains comfortable during the most intense summer weather. To avoid injuries and illnesses like heat stroke, foot pad burns, sunburn, and dehydration, just follow these simple tips.

First and foremost, never leave your dog in the car. Ever. For anything! If you can’t bring your dog with you when you park, then it’s best to leave him at home in the air conditioning instead. We have all heard the awful stories of petsand childrenbecoming trapped in hot cars and losing their lives. Accidents happen even to people with the best of intentions, so it’s smart to simply never put your pet in the position where an accident can occur.

Second, make access to cool, fresh water a priority. It may sound obvious, but it is easy to forget when you’re having a busy or stressful day. Your dog cannot cool himself down as efficiently as a human body can, so cool water is critical to avoid overheating. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to reach the point of dehydration on a very hot day. Read more

What is Leptospirosis?

dog sickIf you ever stopped to consider the number of diseases and infections that could potentially harm your pup, you may never let him outside again. However, modern medicine exists to battle these harmful conditions and ensure that your dog can live a long and healthy life. One of the diseases becoming more prevalent in dogs is called leptospirosis. Just like heartworms and pruritus, prevention and regular vet checkups are the keys to avoiding leptospirosis.

An Introduction to Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is an infection that dogs acquire when certain bacteria enters and spreads through the bloodstream. It’s not a well-known disease compared to other pet problems, but it is becoming more and more common around the world and leading vets to urge the implementation of preventative measures and more effective treatments for infected canines. Read more

Can Your Pet Get the Flu?

dog sickHumans aren’t the only ones lucky enough to suffer from the flu every year. Canines can get the flu too, but the good news is that they can also get the flu shot!

An Introduction to Canine Influenza

Canine influenza is highly contagious, which makes many vets and pet owners nervous for elderly dogs, puppies, and dogs coping with other diseases. In addition to making your dog feel ill during his bout with the flu, canine influenza can also be very dangerous if it turns into pneumonia. Read more

A Guide to Dog Fleas

dog fleasYou love your dog like a baby and want to keep him as healthy as possible, but little pests like fleas make that job a bit more difficult. Fleas are incredibly common, so it’s important to learn the signs and recognize when your dog needs some extra attention to recover from an infestation.

An Introduction to Fleas

Unfortunately, fleas are incredibly determined little pests that virtually don’t give up when in search of a host. They love warm, humid environments the most, and with over 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas in existence, they aren’t exactly hard to find. The fleas that most commonly infest dogs are only one to three millimeters in length and black or dark brown in color. Read more

How Much Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

dog foodJust like humans, dogs need the right amount of food in order to maintain optimal health. Canines lacking food run the risk of nutritional deficiencies, but dogs eating too much are more likely to become obese and suffer from related health problems. In fact, obesity is like a Pandora’s Box. It can lead to osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure, skin disorders, and even certain cancers.

There’s no denying that it’s important to determine how much your dog needs to eat each day, but there’s no one simple formula. It depends on the type of food, type of dog, eating schedule, normal amount of exercise, and current medications.  Feeding requirements can vary drastically, even between dogs who are the same age, breed, or gender, so don’t feel discouraged if your feeding habits differ from your friend’s or neighbor’s. Read more

5 Reasons to Consider a Wellness Plan for Your Pet

dog with vetYou love and cherish your pet just as much as your family and friends, so don’t skimp when it comes to your dog’s or cat’s wellness plan. But considering that the PPO from your employer doesn’t come with an option for pet coverage, how can you guarantee you pet receives the best possible medical care?

At the Affordable Pet Hospital, we offer a range of puppy, kitten, adult canine, and adult feline wellness plans that cover everything from comprehensive exams and office calls to vaccines and dental cleaning. Choosing a wellness plan is the best thing you can do for your furry friend, and here are the top five reasons to prove it! Read more