Emergency and Critical Care

If your pet experiences an emergency AT ANY TIME, call 813-991-9244. Our veterinarian is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the event that your pet requires immediate, life-saving care, or our veterinarian is unavailable immediately, please call Blue Pearl Specialty & Emergency Medicine for Pets at 813-933-8944.

Emergency Care at Affordable Pet Hospital

If your pet experiences an emergency and is brought to Affordable Pet Hospital, our caring veterinarians and staff understand that the emergency is traumatizing for both pet and owner. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff are highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing emergency treatments to your pet, working with you to create a treatment plan specifically formulated for your pet.

Affordable Pet Hospital understands the special relationship owners have with their pets, often cared for as a member of the family. Our expert staff is here when you need us, whether emergency care or just a professional phone call is needed to provide the best veterinary care for your pet.

In the event that you take your pet to another clinic for an after-hours emergency, please call us during normal business hours to transfer your patient’s care or to update our records with the emergency. We will work with you and veterinarians involved in the healthcare of your pet during this time.

Call us at 813-991-9244 for all emergencies. Keep our phone number in a convenient place for when you need it. Help is just a phone call away!