When your pet is sick or injured, you want to find out the cause and extent of the problem as soon as possible. Advanced imaging techniques, like CT scans, are a valuable diagnostic tool for these situations. However, this type of technology hasn’t always been available for pets. Luckily, more veterinarians are starting to see the value of CT scanning for their patients, like us here at Affordable Pet Hospital in Tampa Bay.  You can schedule your CT consult with us, and we then refer your pet for the actual scan.


$850 for thorax and abdominal scans.
All CT scans  are sent out to a specialist for interpretation.
We’ll consult on a CT scan for your pet here, and then refer you to a location that provides the actual CT scan.
Included in the price price is:
  • Sedation or Full Anesthesia
  • CT Scan
  • Interpretation by a specialist

What is a CT Scan?

A computed tomography (CT) or “cat scan” is an imaging technique that makes use of radiation (x-rays) and a computer to generate numerous distinct pictures or “slices” across a certain area of interest in the body. Think of each image slice as a piece to a larger, complex puzzle. The CT scanner is a machine that captures two-dimensional slices of your pet’s body and then reassembles them into a complete picture for you to view. The slices may be used to make three-dimensional reconstructions that are quite useful for surgical planning. The pictures are then sent to a professional who is trained in radiography for analysis and interpretation.

Benefits of CT Scans for Pets

CT scans have many advantages over other imaging techniques, such as x-rays or ultrasound, including:

More Angles & Details

CT scans allow veterinarians to see inside the body in great detail, which can help them determine the cause of many illnesses and injuries, including cancers. The equipment used here at Seven Oaks is the CereTom® by NeuroLogica, which takes 8 different image slices to compile into one smooth visualization (compare that to just one image with a traditional x-ray). We can use the CereTom® with or without contrast for even more detail and a view of blood flow.

3-D Modeling

Image slices taken by the CereTom® are combined to produce a 3-D model of your pet’s body part. This allows the vet to see the disease process or injury and make better treatment decisions. X-rays and ultrasounds only offer a 2-D visual experience that can be difficult to decipher and lead to less than optimal care.

Enhanced Surgical Planning

When vets can visualize the illness or injury in a more familiar and realistic way, they can make better judgment calls before and during surgery. Without proper and thorough imaging, many surgeries are little more than exploratory. But with comprehensive imaging ahead of time, the vet will know exactly where and how to tackle the problem.

CT Scan Procedure for Pets at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital

CT scans for humans and pets are quite similar. Just like us, you’ll want to withhold anything by mouth the day of the procedure, including food, treats, and possibly medications. When you arrive at our facility, your pet will be prepped for the procedure and anesthesia. Rest assured that we will monitor your pet’s condition the entire time they are anesthetized. Once your pet is asleep, the procedure itself takes just about 30 minutes and is totally painless. With prep time, procedure time, and recovery, you can plan on about a 45-minute timeline.

CT Scans for Pets in Northeast Tampa

CT scans are generally very safe for pets and can help give pet owners peace of mind knowing that their furry friend is getting the best possible care. If you think your pet may benefit from a CT scan, schedule an appointment with us by calling (813) 991-9898. During your visit, you can talk to our veterinarian about whether this is the right option for your furry friend. You may also email us at clientcare@newtampapet.com or contact us online.