Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Pet owners have many options for purchasing medication, but the most reliable place to purchase medications is from the veterinarian prescribing them. If a veterinarian at Affordable Pet Hospital prescribes your pet with a medication, we will be sure to explain possible side-effects, and if requested, will teach you to administer the medication appropriately.

We maintain a large, well-stocked pharmacy so you never have to worry about waiting to fill a prescription elsewhere. Also, our veterinarians will be sure to explain medications to you, which includes proper dosing information and possible drug interactions. In addition to providing you with the best medication and instructions, we are just a phone call away in case there are any problems with the medication.

Call us at (813) 991-9898 to find out how the veterinarians at Affordable Pet Hospital can provide you with the best veterinary pharmacy, communication, and medications.