The True Importance of Neutering Your Male Dog

Times have changed dramatically from the days when dogs were permitted to freely roam neighborhoods without any form of protection. Today, families keep their dogs secured around the house, socialize them strategically, and make medical care a top priority. This medical care includes the process of neutering dogs shortly after they are born. From population control to behavior improvements and everything in between, neutering your own dog offers many important benefits.

Improve Your Pet’s Health

Since neutering involves removing a dog’s testicles, the surgery helps to prevent testicular diseases and testosterone induced diseases such as prostate hyperplasia, perineal hernias, and prostatic abscesses. Studies show that pets that live in states with high neutering rates also have longer life spans. That’s not a coincidence!

Reduce Territory Marking

There are few things more frustrating for homeowners than a dog’s tendency to lift his leg and mark his territory with urine, especially on the corners of furniture and unfamiliar objects. This behavior is driven by testosterone, and the higher a male dog can spray his urine, the more dominant he feels. The desire to mark becomes an obsession for many male dogs, but neutering reduces this problem by removing a dog’s testicles and thus stopping the secretion of testosterone.

Minimize Aggression and Roaming

Aggression and roaming are two other common behavioral problems that occur in male dogs before they are neutered. High levels of testosterone often lead male dogs to demonstrate more aggressive and dominant personalities. Furthermore, their sexual desires lead them to become overly excited when they sense females in heat. They might mount inanimate objects, humans, and female dogs. Just like the issue of marking territory, aggression and roaming are reduced and even eliminated after neutering.

Overall, neutering is a very important part of your pet’s overall wellness. It won’t change your dog’s fundamental personality, but it will certainly minimize undesirable behaviors and provide health benefits as well. For professional and effective pet care in the Tampa, Florida area, look no further than Affordable Pet Hospital on Cross Creek Boulevard. The caring staff at Affordable Pet Hospital will work with you to neuter your male dog and provide all the services he needs to lead a happy, healthy life.