The Advantages of CT Scans for Pets

A computerized tomography scan, or CT scan, takes multiple x-rays of a certain part of the body at many different angles to create cross-section images. Those images are combined to create 3-D models of that part of the body.

CT scans are common procedures with humans, but do they help pets as well? Yes! CT scans are used as diagnostic tools for all sorts of conditions in pets, from nasal disease to cancer. The advantages of using computerized tomography versus x-rays only include:

Better visualization of the disease process

A CT scan will give a complete, three-dimensional view of the affected part of your pet’s body. This gives your vet an excellent view of how the illness or injury affects the target body part and all structures around it. An x-ray only provides a one-dimensional view of the affected part and can miss small details that a CT scan will catch.

Easier to determine the spread of cancers

One of CT’s most popular uses in veterinary medicine is determining the spread of different cancers. Many types of canine and feline cancers are aggressive and spread rapidly to other organ systems. CT scans allow vets to see this spread, known as metastasis, more clearly so treatment can be planned accordingly.

Better surgery outcomes

Since your vet will be able to see your pet’s injury or disease process more clearly, they will be able to plan any treatment, including surgery, more efficiently. This improvement in planning leads to reduced surgery times, fewer complications from anesthesia, and better overall treatment outcomes.

CT scans are an essential diagnostic procedure that vets use to provide our pets with the best possible care and highest quality of life. CT scans are just one of the tools we use here at Affordable Pet Hospital to keep your pet healthy and happy. If you feel that your pet will benefit from a CT scan for their illness or injury, call us at (813) 991-9898 to schedule your appointment today!