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Should I Give My Pet Vitamins?

For people, it is not uncommon for a medical doctor to recommend taking a multivitamin, along with other possible vitamins. So you may be wondering if this same advice would be beneficial to your pet. Just like with humans, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. While vitamins may benefit some pets, they could harm others. Consulting […]

Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

For animal lovers with allergies, having a furry friend can turn into a life or death situation. Allergies to pet saliva and dander are common and can cause severe reactions in sensitive people. Some sources estimate that allergies to dogs or cats affect up to 20% of the global population. Allergies in dogs and cats […]

Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Dental care is important for pets. Pets can suffer from dental problems just like people do, and dental problems can also lead to other health issues for pets. In this post, we’ll discuss some reasons why dental care is so important for pets and how you can make sure your pet gets the dental care […]

Wound Care in Dogs and Cats

Pet owners know their pets are prone to cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. However, the frequency with which these injuries occur might surprise you. Wounds can range from a shallow cut to a deep gash that exposes bone or even tendons. They can bleed profusely or not at all. They can be clean (no dirt […]

How to Manage Your Senior Dog’s Arthritis Pain

According to the Arthritis Foundation, around 20% of dogs have arthritis. Arthritis is most prevalent in older dogs. A dog with arthritis may have: Difficulty standing up from a lying position Difficulty climbing stairs Difficulty jumping onto the couch or bed from the floor A narrow stance in the rear legs Muscle wasting in the […]