Behavioral Medicine

Your pet’s behavior affects its relationship with you, your guests, and those involved in outside activities. If a pet is having a behavioral problem, it can threaten these relationships, making it difficult for everyone involved. Affordable Pet Hospital understands the consequences of a behavioral problem, because we understand the importance of your bond with your pet.

Some behavioral issues are housetraining, anxiety, aggression, and other troublesome and embarrassing problems. The veterinarians and staff at Affordable Pet Hospital have extensive experience and are qualified to diagnose and address behavior problems, taking into consideration possible physiological issues that could be causing the problem. Our ultimate goal is restore the bond you have with your pet and environment.

Occasionally animal owners will blame themselves for these problems. This is not always the case. It can stem from an issue not addressed during training, a learned behavior from animals your pet encounters, or a physical issue that may not be related to behavior.

If your relationship with your pet is because of a behavioral issue, call the veterinarians and staff at Affordable Pet Hospital at (813) 991-9898 for a skilled evaluation and diagnosis in order to manage and eventually eliminate the issue.