Anesthesia Free Dental Services

If you are not providing your pet with routine dental services, you are ignoring an important part of their overall health. Your pet’s health is directly affected by the state of their oral health. It is important to get your dog or cat checked by a veterinarian and have their teeth cleaned by an experienced professional.

Dental Exams

We perform dental exams without anesthesia. Our trained and experienced veterinary staff will be able to give your pet a complete dental examination without making them sleep. Dental exams can shed a lot of light on the state of your pet’s mouth, and they can lead to a detailed plan to correct or prevent gum disease in your pet.

Teeth Cleaning

If you didn’t get your teeth cleaned every six months, your teeth would become stained, discolored, and covered in plaque. No matter what care you take at home, you still need that professional cleaning. You can help your pet keep their teeth clean with special chews and treats, but it doesn’t take the place of a professional cleaning. Our veterinary staff can clean your pet’s teeth with no anesthesia necessary.

Anesthesia Free Dental Care

We believe that anesthesia should only be used when absolutely necessary. Many care providers will use anesthesia to do a dental examination or teeth cleaning because they are afraid of being bitten. But our trained and experienced staff know how to keep your pet calm and comfortable during the procedure, no anesthesia necessary.

If you are ready for your pet to have the best oral health they can, contact us today to schedule your appointment.