Buy Pet Meds Directly From Affordable Pet Hospital and Save!

You’ve no doubt seen offers to buy pet medications online. We’ve seen them, too.

Truth is, you’ll save more when you buy directly from Affordable Pet Hospital. Plus, since we know your pets, we can recommend specific brands that will work best for them.

Buy Six Pet Care Products and Get Two Free!

Right now, we are offering a special deal to our pet parents: buy six products and get two at no charge.

We sell the following prescription-only brands directly from our practice:

For Flea, Heartworm, and Parasite Prevention:

  • Revolution monthly topical for canines and felines

For Flea Prevention:

  • Bravecto three-month chewable tablets for canines

We sell these over-the-counter, nonprescription flea prevention and elimination products for canines and felines:

  • Activyl monthly topical
  • Capstar chewable tablets, a fast-acting, quick-kill solution that lasts for 24 hours and is used in conjunction with longer-lasting topical treatments

Buy Direct for Guaranteed Product Effectiveness

Every product you buy direct from our pet hospital is guaranteed to be effective or you will get a full refund.

Online pharmacies will not guarantee their products. They are also more likely to sell products that are close to the expiration date or that haven’t been properly stored.

Proper drug storage is a big problem in hot climates like Tampa’s. Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs need to be stored within the manufacturers’ temperature guidelines to be fully effective. It’s impossible to know if online pharmacies store their medications properly, or buy direct from manufacturers or reputable distributors who also follow storage guidelines.

Even if they do, delivered medications should never be left in the sun. Heat, humidity, and sunlight will lower a medication’s effectiveness, particularly if it’s in a hot mailbox or on a doorstep in the Florida sunshine. Just a couple hours’ exposure to a Florida summer can damage medications to the point where they become completely ineffective.

The University of Texas College of Pharmacy has guidelines for medication storage and protection. Note that temperatures over 86°F are considered too high.

We follow all manufacturer guidelines for medication storage, including refrigeration, protection from sunlight, and humidity control. This way, we know all our medications will work as directed on your pets!