You Can Prevent Heartworms with Just One Injection

dog2You love your dog, and just like your children, your dog needs to be protected from illness and infection. Every spring, signs of heartworms begin to show themselves in dogs all across the country. The good news is that a medicine called ProHeart 6 is now available to prevent the occurrence of heartworms with just one simple injection.

About Heartworms

A heartworm is a parasitic worm that spreads through mosquito bites. When a mosquito bites a dog already infected with a heartworm, it takes in young heartworms as it feeds. Those heartworms grow in the mosquito until deposited into the next animal the mosquito bites. Once inside a new dog, the heartworm matures into an adult while living near the dog’s heart and lungs.

All heartworms need to be taken very seriously because they can cause a harmful and potentially fatal disease that attacks the lungs, heart, and other organs of a dog’s body. When heartworms are left untreated, they mature and reproduce inside of a dog and increase the chances of harm.

The early stages of heartworm disease often go unnoticed because few symptoms become noticeable. As time goes on, different symptoms arise like reluctance to exercise, decreased appetite, weight loss, and a persistent mild cough.

Dogs severely infected with heartworms often suffer a swollen belly due to excess abdominal fluid, blood flow blockages, and eventual heart failure. The gradual intensity of heartworm disease makes visiting the vet an urgent matter.

Heartworm Prevention

There are many heartworm prevention techniques available, but most of them are pills, chewables, and topical liquids that need to be applied either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The cost and upkeep can become tedious and exhausting, and even just one delayed or missed dose can leave a dog susceptible to heartworms once again.

ProHeart 6 is a unique medication that offers a host of benefits that other options cannot. It provides an entire six months of continuous heartworm protection with just one injection. This injectable medication is FDA approved to be safe and effective in dogs- even pregnant and lactating females!

Heartworms are especially prevalent in the south. States like Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia have more cases each year than anywhere else in the country. Heartworm prevention is important for all dog owners but even more critical for dog owners in hot, mosquito-ridden southern states.

Be sure to contact your veterinarian to determine if ProHeart 6 is the best medication to keep your dog healthy and heartworm-free.