The First Things to Do When You Get a New Pet

Getting a new pet can be very exciting for you and your family, but there are some important first steps that you should take before your get your pet settled into their new home. Regardless of the type of pet you get, you want to make sure that the pet is healthy and has a fresh start in your home. Follow these steps to give your pet the best fresh start.

A Wellness Visit

It is important that you take your new pet into the vet for a wellness visit. If your new pet is a puppy or kitten, they will need to have their development measured and receive some basic vaccinations. If you have adopted an older pet, it is important to have them examined to determine if they have any health conditions you should be aware of.


You should get your new pet microchipped as soon as possible. Microchipping your pet will help make sure that they can find their way home if they get lost. If you are adopting an older pet, they may already have a chip. Take them to your vet to see if they have a chip and have the information updated to your contact information.


There are some vaccinations that pets should have in their youth, as well as vaccinations that pets need throughout their lives. If you got your pet from a shelter or dog rescue, they are likely up to date on all of their shots. If you got a pet from an individual or breeder, they may not have all of their shots when you bring them home. Make sure to get any vet records from the place you get your new pet and have these examined by your vet to make sure your pet is starting out in your home with all of their appropriate vaccinations.

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