Pain Management

At Affordable Pet Hospital, we provide holistic, high-quality veterinary care that focuses on the entire patient as a whole, and this involves managing pain. If a patient is painful, this can affect your pet physiologically, leading to overall poor health and wellbeing.

The veterinarians and staff take pain management seriously, which includes helping prevent pain for certain diagnoses, and anticipating pain before certain procedures. For example, a pet may exhibit clinical signs of pain due to arthritis, but only at certain times. Our veterinarians and staff are skilled in recognizing signs of pain and developing plans specifically designed for each patient.

Pain management isn’t just for older pets; surgical procedures like spays, dental cleanings, or orthopedic surgeries may require pain medication, and we will treat each patient on an individual basis to determine what medications are necessary to get your pet happy and healthy. Call us at (813) 991-9898 to find out how we can improve the health of your pet with accurate pain management.