Halloween 101: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

You may not think of Halloween as a risky day for your pets, but the spooky holiday actually poses a number of threats to dogs and cats. Take the following precautions to help your pet have a safe and healthy Halloween.

Keep Candy In a Safe Place

It’s no secret that your dog shouldn’t be feasting on Twix bars on Halloween, so make sure all Halloween treats are stored in a place where your pets can’t access them. Chocolate in all forms is extremely dangerous for cats and dogs, and candy presents a choking risk. Some sugar-free candy even contains the sugar substitute xylitol, which is dangerous to animals.

Decorate With Care

It’s fun to decorate for Halloween with pumpkins, decorative corn, jack-o-lanterns, and candles, but think of the risks they pose to your pets. Curious kittens can easily pull decorations down or knock over flames, and dogs love to nibble on pumpkins and corn. Try to decorate your home with a “baby proof” mindset in order to keep your furry friends safe.

Only Use Simple, Loose-Fitting Costumes

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a Halloween costume? Maybe not, but make sure you only put your pet in a costume that is comfortable and safe. Never use a costume that restricts movement, breathing, hearing, or eyesight. If your pet doesn’t seem to love his costume, err on the side of caution.

Keep Your Pets Inside and Away From the Door

Halloween is a loud, busy, exciting night for children, which often translates into terror for animals. Keep your dogs and cats inside and confine them in another room if you’re worried they will try to escape through the door. If your pet becomes easily excited or nervous, Halloween might even cause unusual aggression or escape attempts, so watch carefully for signs of irregular behavior.

If your dog or cat does break into the candy or suffer an anxiety attack, a compassionate vet is only a phone call away. Affordable Pet Hospital in Tampa, FLorida is committed to providing the care needed to help your pets lead healthy, happy lives. Call (813) 991-9898 to make an appointment and learn more.