Everything You Should Know About Pets and Car Safety

Florida law outlines specific requirements for child safety in vehicles, but pet safety is a largely overlooked concern. Whether you are driving your cat to the vet or taking your dog along to the beach, it’s important to take proper precautionary measures that keep your pet safe in the car. Use the following guide to double check your safety procedures and protect your furry friend.

Never, Ever Leave Your Pet Alone In a Parked Car

We’ve all heard the heart wrenching stories of babies who lose their lives because they are trapped in hot cars, and animals are just as vulnerable to such tragedies. Even with the windows open, a parked car becomes dangerously hot within minutes. After sitting just 10 minutes in 85-degree weather, your car reaches 104 degrees. Avoid the possibility of heatstroke and death by making sure your pet never stays alone in your parked car, even when the weather feels mild.

Restrain Your Dog Properly

Your dog may want to ride shotgun with the windows down, but there are many safety problems associated with that type of freedom. It is best to use some type of restraint to keep your dog in a safe space. Pet barriers are available to give your pet room to move while still keeping him safely contained behind the rear seat. It’s also possible to purchase a harness that functions like a doggy seatbelt.

Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Happy

If you are heading on a long car trip, it’s important to give your dog enough exercise before you depart. This will tire your dog out, stabilize his brain chemicals, and make him less likely to feel anxious or stressed. You can also give your dog a new toy to engage him during travel. If your pet has any favorites that comfort him, pack them as well. Stop every few hours for a walk and bathroom break so your dog doesn’t become restless and act out accordingly.

Prepare For Motion Sickness

It’s hard to know if your dog will experience motion sickness until it occurs. Prepare for nausea, anxiety, and stress by packing remedies. Lavender oil and melatonin are popular natural options that can reduce anxiety. DAP for dogs and feliway for cats are calming pheromones known to induce relaxation as well. Dramamine and benadryl are safe and effective traditional medications for intense cases of motion sickness.

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