Control Your Pup’s Allergies with Apoquel

apoquelHuman allergies can be brutal with red itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and general discomfort. Dogs are susceptible to allergies as well, but the symptoms come in different forms. What you may pass over typical dog behavior may actually be Canine Pruritus. Fortunately, this condition now has a simple and safe solution called Apoquel.

What is Canine Pruritus?

Pruritus is a very uncomfortable canine skin condition that is defined as a dog’s temptation to itch, scratch, rub, chew, and lick his hair and skin. This illness is also marked by inflamed skin and potential hair loss after extended bouts of intense scratching. Some dogs with Pruritus also suffer from significant body odor and redness of the skin.

The most common causes of the sensation to itch for dogs are parasites like mites and fleas, bacterial or yeast infections, and allergies to insect bites, food, or environmental particles such as pollen and mold.

If You Suspect Pruritus

If you notice any warning signs from your dog including repetitive itching, chewing, and licking, it’s time to head to your veterinarian. The vet will check for fleas, potential infections, and signs of allergies in order to determine the root cause of the Pruritus. A new class of medication called Apoquel is now available to specifically target the itching and inflammation associated with Pruritus, so be sure to ask your vet if it could help your pup.

About Apoquel

Apoquel is a safe and efficient treatment for the control of acute and chronic pruritus. It not only provides itch relief within four hours, but it controls the itch for a 24 hour period and is safe for both short and long term use. Apoquel alleviates the itching sensation in a unique way by targeting specific cytokines that cause itching and inflammation in order to dramatically reduce the risk of hurting your dog’s immune functions.

By breaking the cycle of itching and inflammation, Apoquel gives your furry friend a chance for any other medications to work their magic for permanent healing. Better yet, Apoquel is a completely different type of itch relief medication because it does not cause any of the terrible side effects associated with steroids. As long as your dog is at least 12 months of age, he can benefit from this revolutionary new treatment.

Apoquel is incredibly easy to use. You simply give your dog one tablet twice a day for up to two weeks. After the second week, you limit the dosage to once a day. This medication is gentle enough to provide without any food if needed. You can even use a chart to track your dog’s itching habits and watch for signs of improvement.

When your dog’s itching becomes visibly out of control, head to the vet and request Apoquel.