3 Reasons Your Pet Needs to Be On a Flea Preventative

As a pet owner, you have an innate sense for your dog or cat’s wellbeing. You know the moment that scratching becomes too fierce or whines become too loud. It makes sense that you want to take every measure possible to keep your pet happy and healthy. In addition to nutritious food and regular walks, a flea preventative should be one of the essential tools you use to keep your pet in his best health.

Fleas Cause Allergic Reactions in Pets and Humans

Fleas are dark, tiny pests that jump from one place to another and feast on the blood of cats, dogs, and even humans. You can recognize fleas from these common symptoms:

  • “Flea dirt” in your pet’s fur
  • Allergic dermatitis on the skin of your pet
  • Excessive scratching, licking, and biting at the skin
  • Hair loss, especially in areas of excessive scratching and biting
  • Scabs and hot spots

Some dogs and cats can even develop anemia from flea infestation, and it’s possible for fleas to carry tapeworm eggs that are given to your pet.

Flea Infestations Are Difficult to Stop
Fleas are bad news. Once they lay eggs on your dog or cat and begin to reproduce, a flea infestation is much harder to stop. They can live as long as 12 months and produce millions of offspring in that time.

This is why preventative and continual treatments are so important. If you forego a flea preventative medicine, you run the risk of having fleas all over your pet and home. They’ll infest themselves into your bedding, carpets, and linens while causing your pet to look and feel uncomfortable and unwell.

Fleas Are Best Controlled With Prescription-Grade Treatments

Though fleas prevent serious problems, they are actually simple to prevent. A topical or oral flea treatment should be your pet’s first line of defense against fleas. Be sure to choose a medication with two active ingredients. This ensures that your pet is protected by a growth regulator that serves to break the fleas’ reproductive cycle.

For more help keeping fleas far away from your pet’s skin and fur, call the Affordable Pet Hospital in Tampa, Florida. The compassionate experts at Affordable Pet Hospital know the best preventative flea treatments to keep your dog or cat thriving. Call (813) 991-9898 to make an appointment today.