How to Care for Your New Bunny

Dogs and cats are standard household pets, but what about bunny rabbits? Rabbits are very popular pets around Easter time, but they require just as much care, attention, and commitment as cats and dogs. If you are eager to get a new pet bunny, be sure to take these tips to heart. Without the right care, bunnies only live a fraction of their average lifespan.

Create Safe and Nurturing Housing For Your Bunny

Just like dogs have crates and pillows, bunnies need their own habitat within your house. It’s perfectly fine for your bunny to run freely through bunny-proofed rooms, but it’s also important to give your rabbit a large cage or “bunny condo” in a central location. You don’t want to isolate your bunny, so place her “home” in your family room or living room. Be sure it is large enough to allow your pet to hop around and move comfortably, and always let her out for exercise a few hours a day.

Take Thorough Steps to Bunny-Proof Your Home

Bunnies love to gnaw, so you need to take that into serious consideration as you prepare your home for a rabbit. Cover all wires with plastic sleeves or flex tubing and lift them three or four feet out of your rabbit’s reach. Cover all baseboards with plastic guards or furring strips to prevent them from being nibbled away. You will also need to block off any small areas where your rabbit could potentially sneak away, like the undersides of beds and between appliances.

Feed Your Rabbit Properly

Baby bunnies need to eat alfalfa, while adult rabbits love timothy hay, grass hay, and oat hay. Supplement your rabbit’s hay with fresh vegetables, fresh water, and fiber-rich pellets. Rabbits are not like scrap-loving dog, so save your dinner leftovers for the garbage disposal.

Choose the Right Vet

It is essential that you select a rabbit-savvy vet to take care of your new bunny. Since rabbits are animals of prey, they are born with the natural instinct to hide symptoms of illness. If you notice even the slightest change in your rabbit’s eating, drinking, and physical behavior, it’s time to visit the vet. Just like cats and dogs, rabbits need regular checkups and spaying and neutering as well.

At Affordable Pet Hospital in Tampa, Florida, you can get the love, care, and attention your rabbit needs. From healthy pet exams and nail trims to dermatology concerns, Affordable Pet Hospital is committed to helping your bunny thrive in her new home. Call (813) 991-9898 today to make an appointment for your bunny rabbit.